About us

La Camendra

La Camendra is a gourmet restaurant where the quality of selected raw materials - always fresh and seasonal - and the chef's personal imprint, are considered of paramount importance.

In the kitchen the watchword is "Radici di Sapori (Roots of Flavors)".
We realize our dishes starting from the original recipes and, keeping that primordial flavor, we transform it in a modern food. Doing so, we create that perfect marriage between tradition and innovation that will never stop to enchant healthy food lovers.

We care about every single customer and we constantly do our best to make you feel comfortable. You will be pleasantly welcomed by the staff at our structure and accompained to the restaurant, where you will be awaited by your table and our Maître, always at your disposal to guarantee the best possible quality of service.

This restaurant - part of Residenza San Vito - overlooks the Monferrato vineyards and hills, guaranteeing you the possibility to spend part of your time surrounded by the nature and relaxation that characterize this structure.

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